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What Is an Electric Fat Bike?

An electric fat bike, or e-fat bike, is an electric bicycle with wide tyres. The fat tyre electric bikes in our range are larger than the tyres you will find on a mountain bike, and they greatly outstrip a regular bike tyre in terms of size and width.

What Are the Advantages of E-Fat Bikes?

When you take a bike tyre and make it even bigger than a mountain bike’s, what you get is all-terrain access. You can go practically anywhere on your brand new electric fat bike. No terrain is too much to handle and fat tyre electric bikes will also stand up to the rigours of weather damage.

The versatility of e-fat bikes means you can use them as your daily commute and for exercise and recreation on the weekend. Comfortable, powerful, and offering great balance and grip, these electric bicycles are the complete package.

Fat Tyre Electric Bikes from Electric Bike Superstore

You can be sure that the electric fat bikes you purchase from us are equipped with state-of-the-art cycling technology. This includes components from names such as Schwalbe, Samsung, Tektro, Shimano, a range of assisted pedalling modes, quality front and rear brakes, and a battery that will last the journey. Explore our range now to view the features and find the right bike for you.

Get Your Electric Fat Bike in Australia

Electric Bike Superstore has a full range of e-bikes online, making it easy to get your electric fat bike in Australia. You can also visit one of our stores in Melbourne or Adelaide, or contact us to find a local dealer.