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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Bikes Legal In Australia ?

Yes absolutely. Our selected electric push bike for sale range all comply with the new European standard and regulations, which as adapted in Australia in May 2012. Electric bikes that meet these new standards are treated like normal bicycles in Australia, so NO requirement for licence or registration and only normal road rules apply in each State of Australia.

What Is The Maximum Power Allowed ?

The new maximum power is 250 watts and must meet European EN standard. The old 200 watts are still allowed on road. Electric bikes with more then 250 watts and not pedelec are illegal and must be registered for on road riding, like a motor bike.

How Far Can An Electric Bike Take Me On A Full Charge ?

The distance will depend on a number of factors such as rider weight, the number and gradient of hills, the capacity of the battery and the motor assist level you have selected. Our range of electric bikes for sale, E-bikes conversion kits and batteries are chosen fro their high efficiency and capacity. We have tested all our electric bike range and for most riders will be able to travel at least 40 to 80 kilometers on a single full charge with limited pedaling. Also majority of our electric bike range have the options to upgrade to a higher battery capacity which can extend 80 to 100 kilometers with light pedaling.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge The Battery ?

Our electric bike range and conversion kits only feature high quality and capacity batteries from brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, and DLG. A full recharge usually takes 2 to 7 hours for most batteries.

What Is The Life Span On The Battery ?

The life of the electric bike battery will depend on few factors and key measures:

1. Is the depth of discharge, this means how much charge a battery will keep and retain its charge over its useful battery life.
2. Is the number of times it can be charged. At the electric bikes superstore, we only stock high-quality batteries with a built-in state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) that will protect your battery from over-discharging, overheating, and short-circuiting.
Remember your choice of battery is a critical component as it is the source of power for your stealth bomber electric bike. Cheap batteries and cheap BMS from cheaper manufactures use unknown brands and don't always have these important features. The cheap battery can limit your long-term enjoyment of your electric bike repair and can end up costing you more in the long run.

Are Electric Bikes Safe ?

We have only selected quality electric bikes for our range that we test and re test for its safety features. A study has shown that riders of an electric bike are actually safer than a traditional bicycle as it could keep up with the traffic more easily and less likely to take the risks that traditional cyclists takes in order to keep up. The ability for electric bike riders to increase and decrease with minimum effort can encourage safer and more defensive riding.

Are Electric Bikes Cost Effective ?

Yes, even though electric bikes are initially slightly more expensive than a normal bike, the long term and real cost benefits outweigh the cost when compare to other modes of transports. An electric bike can replace high cost fuel, public transport, parking, registration and insurance cost. So over a short period of time you can start saving money and enjoy the great outdoors more with your friends and family members.

What Kind Of Service Do I Need For My Electric Bike ?

Buying and owning an electric bike is a big decision, so at the electric bikes superstore, we understand that customer service is our No.1 priority.

Our 5-star customer service promise will provide you peace of mind in owning an electric bike. When you buy an electric bike from the electric bikes superstore, you can be assured and have confidence that our electric bike range has been selected from well know and top quality reliable electric bike brands.

All our electric bicycles come with our after-sale service which includes 1 FREE complimentary service* and fixed price servicing and repairs. There is nothing worse than getting a surprise repair bill that is much higher than what you have expected. That is why when you buy an electric bike from electric bikes superstore, we promise that all our servicing and repairs are carried out at a fixed price and will only replace your wear and tear parts with their equivalent specification and price replacements.

Repair / Service And Installation.
Please Call Us On 0400 999 251 To Make A Booking For Service/repairs.

We also repair and service electric bikes that are purchased elsewhere.
Call us for a FREE repair/service quote for your electric bike.

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